Digging ourselves a ditch. Thursday 26th July.

Cobbles on the west side of trench

As we finished clearing the rubble and soil from the cobbles in the west end of the trench we discovered a gully built into the cobbles which would have been part of a drainage system. The presence of this gully and the cobbles on the east side of the robber trench confuse our initial thought that we had an exterior and interior of a house, the ground floor interior being the main living quarters. The cobbles on both sides suggest that this house in fact had an undercroft; an area where household tasks, such as laundry, could be done.

The northern end of the robber trench with large lumps of stone and bedrock

The robber trench has nearly been emptied of soil! We have found large stones (like the one to the south) and huge lumps of bedrock which has evidently been cut elsewhere and placed here as foundation stones.

Clearing more rubble to expose more of the good quality cobbles


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