Cobbles cobbles everywhere. Wednesday 25th July.

Today we continued excavating more of the north end of the robber trench. As we worked down we came across a large stone very similar to that found in the other end of the robber trench.

Removing more soil from the robber trench

The half section through the probable post/column hole in the cobbles was completed today and it goes all the way down to subsoil.

Half sectioned post/column hole

As we cleared away more soil from the east side of the trench we uncovered… guess what? MORE cobbles!!! These seem to be of better quality than those originally uncovered last year. Our dreams of finding a lovely intact tiled interior floor were shattered but we were still very pleased to find this fine cobbling!

More cobbles starting to emerge from beneath the rubble

Some of the finds discovered today included glass, a roof tile and a lump of dark limestone type material amongst small pieces of pottery.

Glass bottle rim and neck


Dark limestone type material