Between a rock and a trench edge. Saturday 21st July.

The tent is still up, it hasn’t rained for a couple of days and we all arrived on site ready to continue removing soil from the robber trench in order to find the bottom. We got on with heavy digging with mattocks and worked steadily down through the soil.

Excavating the robber trench

To our suprise (and delight) we stumbled upon a stone which we hoped was one of the foundations stones left behind when Paxton’s workers were removing stone for re-use elsewhere.

A stone found in the robber trench

Further excavation work continued in the second part of the trench where Ed and his team continued digging out the fill (earth) of the robber trench. A good deal of progress was made as they worked their way down through more layers of soil.

Ed and volunteers working hard digging the fill of the robber trench


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